Saturday, 7 November 2009

Two Albums


How are you doing? I feel great. I think.

So, my life in the last few days is pretty well, maybe i would say i got happiness. Not sure why. I did a lot talk with friends in the last few days. One, because i just came back from a Summer Camp-esque thing. It separated to groups. I went for Group 6. Because of it, i got friend, there are so fucking AMAYZING. Lol

Anyway. Last friday i talked to my English teacher on my classroom. What so different is, just last Friday i try to speak English-ly. I mean, i speak in English accent. Confident like has never been invented before. I always feel something when i speak with English accent. A bit shy, maybe. But then i think why should i be shy. That is just made me fucked, a bit. I re-think again, i should be confident to anyone. Why should i be shy, when i want to connect with the world. All that fucking shy just would make me fucked. Not good at all.

Then. By the time i wrote this post, i was downloading Ulrich Schnauss' and Fila Brazillia's songs. Two albums. Ulrich Schnauss album done first. Then i listened to the first song. And guess what. It is really AMAYZING. Yes it really. It hears better than other two albums i have downloaded before. It really got a so-called wow-effect. You should get it. It is Ambient genre, the relaxing and soothing type of Electronic music. Well maybe, not as so relaxing as Boards of Canada. But definitely, some songs you should listen.

After that. That is for now.

Thank You.

Sunday, 25 October 2009



As the title said, these days i found many local teenagers (by the mean in my Country, Indonesia) could speak English pretty fluent. Well not oral thing, but writing or typing. They seems really good on it. You could search some blogs who the owner is teens. For example some of my friends. You could make a click there on the sidebar.

Anyway, not so much thing had happened in my life. Now i am in year 11, and i got Art Background class. And it is not bad at all. I feel it is so much better than i get Science Background class with its Advanced Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I would really fed up. I would rather for Economics, History, Geography, and Sociology. Well, it suite me well because i am a man who always complain about everyone who just trashing around. But with Sociology, now i know why some peoples are bad. So there is no such thing that Science is better. That is just a stereotype, because you could get to Uni easier. Here.

Second thing. It is about Uni. At first, as many of my friends know, i plan for take BA in Germany. But all of sudden, i change my mind. I would go for England. It is more interesting for me, and got style like no other. That is why i call England as Land of Style. And i want to take A-Level as well, so i could know their culture whatsoever. But there is a barrier crossing the Path. Price. Taking A-Level for 2 years plus Uni for 3 or 4 years could really cost a shit. Big amount that as high as a mountain. Eg. I ever heard Oxford University costs up to £195,00 equal to $320,000 until you get your degree. See? Just wishing my parents would and could let me go there.

Think that is all for now. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank You.



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Monday, 20 April 2009


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Monday, 26 January 2009


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Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year

Selamat Tahun Baru / Happy New Year / Prosit Neujahr

Dua Ribu Sembilan
Two Thousand and Nine