Friday, 15 February 2008

Silber Toyota Yaris

In the way to home last thursday , my mom touched a silver toyota yaris' side mirror
And the driver was angry , not really angry basically . I cant tell it like what her mood .
I think the driver is a career-woman . Aged about 20-26 .
Aaah she drove me maddd . If i was driving my car , i would kicked her car . LOOOOOOOOOOL
She said , "Aaaah what did you do maam ? If my sidemirror got scratched what would you do ?"
My mom just said sorry and sorry .
What a friggin' womaan . I think how much cost would take just for a fucking scratched sidemirror ? I think not more than $75 . Huuh
Huuh , i was wondering if i got my camera in my hand i would shot her . Haahaaaaa ROOOOOOOOOOOOOFL
And submit it to deviantart . Heehee XP

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